Regular Guy Friday ep 126. Your Destination, Your Salvation

The original series created by Gene Roddenberry premiered in 1966 . The original series was known for its exploration of social and political issues through the lens of science fiction . If you have any specific questions about the original series or anything else you'd like to discuss about Star Trek , feel free to let me know you are like wicked smart Candace .

Regular Guy Friday ep: 118: Changing the Responses That Make You Sick

But it's also not a regular guy theory . It's like there's , and you've seen , and there's so many people who have been on the show who have talked about that . So I had to tell Queenie , I'm like , I'm like , honey , you know , because same with you , you know , you can do all these health modalities and great .

Regular Guy Friday ep 119: What Our Injuries May Be Revealing Emotionally

Here , we are . And why don't you describe what this show is ? We have Natasha just bring some music back in to get our Yeah .

Regular Guy Friday ep 123. Timing of Pet Deaths and New Means to Treat Deadly Diseases

But this is why they need you . This is the edition of TV Talk , huh ? Hey , everybody .

Regular Guy Friday *Rewind* ep. 120: Why Responding vs. Reacting is the Ultimate Ascension Lesson & How to Lean into The Power of Possibility

Vicenza . Um , yeah , I was watching the show made and , uh , you know , it's about a young girl who , you know , um , it's in an abusive relationship with a daughter and , and in her quest to get out of it , she's not educated . She's not , she doesn't have a formal education .