Regular Guy Friday ep. 121: Why Trips ALWAYS Change Us

Everyone . It's regular Friday , Friday . Oh , and here we are , Kelsey our first rerun last week .

Regular Guy Friday ep 123. Timing of Pet Deaths and New Means to Treat Deadly Diseases

Little reminder . It's regular guy Friday . It's your day .

Regular Guy Friday ep 128. The Regular Guy 4-Part Healing Program

If you are new to this show , this is not Heal Squad . This is regular guy Friday . So you are welcome to stay .

Regular Guy Friday ep 129. Empathy Without Boundaries

This is Friday . This is regular guy Friday . It's a Friday show .

Regular Guy Friday ep 126. Your Destination, Your Salvation

She's like , thank you Kelsey . This is regular guy Friday . So if you are here , if you're new , this is not Maria , this is not a very evolved um spiritually , you know , forward and like we do learn and we are , this is the right .