Regular Guy Friday ep 128. The Regular Guy 4-Part Healing Program

United has been the slowest Delta has now come up . So this is why the spirit of competition is good and you know , so much , so much . What upsets me is it's not , they all the the old guard all thinks it's money , it's not , it's innovation and it's caring .

Regular Guy Friday *Rewind* ep. 120: Why Responding vs. Reacting is the Ultimate Ascension Lesson & How to Lean into The Power of Possibility

Um , when it comes to voice , it certainly does . And a lot of entertainment going through that . Yeah .

Regular Guy Friday ep: 118: Changing the Responses That Make You Sick

I was like , oh , I do a lot of everything , you know . I mean , you're in show business . I'm like , yeah , he said , yeah , you know , and I do and , and , um , I like helping people , you know , I , like I had to help good people and I'm like , and I know and I'm still with them because like , maybe he's thinking like , wow , this guy did me because it's L A , you never know who you're dealing with .

Regular Guy Friday ep 134. Why They Dont See You

I'm like , she , yeah , in major feature movies . She does entertainment journalism . Um , she does nightly news series journalism , interviews , the Obama family , which ABC news said was one of the top reasons he won .

Regular Guy Friday ep 128. The Regular Guy 4-Part Healing Program

Um And that's how it , it and I would say in our business that's how our business should be because , you know , it , it never made sense . Those entertainment news programs , like we're talking about fashion and red carpet and fun and who's doing what it should be ? We all want .